I am very happy to receive referrals from GP’s, Physicians, Psychiatrists, or any other medical specialist. Upon receipt of your referral I will write to the patient with my terms of business, and if they are willing to continue, then I will offer them an appointment within two to three weeks.

If you are a GP and if your patient is insured by BUPA then you may refer to me direct.


If you are self-funded:

If you are not fortunate enough to be funded by a third party such as an insurance company then cost will clearly be a concern. I am frequently disappointed by individuals who walk away from the opportunity of personal therapy because they believe it is too expensive. This may be true for some, but with discussion it may be possible to cut costs quite significantly, and you may be well on the way to good sound mind and quality of life for the price of a dresser for your kitchen.

It may be possible to tailor the plan to suit your needs and budget. A well motivated client can achieve a lot through carefully spaced sessions and a good homework plan. Additionally, once momentum has been achieved then sessions may be reduced or even ended as the client is transitioned into continuing self-help. Sometimes the needle needs jogging out of the groove and people can then do the rest themselves.



If  you funded by  another agency, employer or Insurance company:

Most insurance companies and health-provider agencies commission a set number of  sessions, usually ranging between 6 and 12 sessions depending on assessed needs and occasionally more. In my experience this is sufficient in most cases to bring about significant change.



You may be a solicitor or lawyer looking for an expert witness who can provide a full psychological personal injury assessment for the purpose of the court under the civil rules requirements part 35. Alternatively you may be seeking for a source of psychological treatment for your client following personal injury. I am on the British Psychological Society expert witness register and will be happy to provide such services at very competitive rates.




You may be a case manager of an insurance company rehabilitation agency or health-care provider, or you may be a  physiotherapist, looking for associate consultants / therapists within the Durham, Tees and North Yorkshire region (post codes DH, TS, SR, YO) to provide psychological assessments and treatments for your clients. I am able to offer a quick and responsive service, setting up initial appointments within days of referral, and to meet the standards and requirements of your particular contracts.









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