At the core you know you can be a reasonable person, if it was not for your temper that lets you down. You find that fuse blows at the smallest comment or the slightest thing that goes wrong. Your children, partner, friends suffer and it all comes back onto you.


Life traps (personality-based problems):

This is where you get caught yet again in that old pattern of feelings and behaviour that maybe comes from fear, anger or impulsiveness, which seems so right at the time, but time and time again, lands you back in it. It is wrecking your relationships and leaving you fearful, lonely and isolated.


Work-related Stress:


Difficult times at work! It may be down to politics, change, bullying, demands, emerging old issues or that boss! Whatever the reason, you are bereft with anxiety and full of self-doubt, and you dread each working day. You may feel pressure and anger, and wonder whether you can control yourself or just blow, with awful consequences. Even on your days off you can’t get away because your mind is full of ruminations. Your family and friends find you snappy irritable and moody.








Only the very best will do. Anything else is a sloppy failure. However, the harder you try, the more you seem to fall short and all you can see are your failings. You just have to keep trying harder!



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:

Life was just fine until that accident or event happened. Since then your whole world has been turned upside down for no fault of your own. Each time you talk about the accident or event, think about it, or come across reminders of it, you are right there as if it was happening all over again, feeling terror with no control or escape. Your trauma may be a direct experience of, or witness to accidents, war, mutilation, rape, assault, childhood sexual abuse, torture from past partners, domestic violence... the list is endless.


Adjustment disorder:


Maybe you have suffered a disability from an industrial or road traffic accident or a significant personal loss, either of function, loved ones or lifestyle. However hard you look at your future, you cannot do what you used to do; your future looks bleak and there is not much point going on. Maybe alcohol or “recreational” drugs blot out the pain but only for a wile and then those helpless thoughts are back.


Obsessional Compulsive Disorder:

You know it is totally irrational but you had better go back and check it/clean it one more time until it feels right. If not, then it may not be right and something will go wrong and it will be your fault! (Wonderfully portrayed by Jack Nicholson in “as good as it gets”).






What I treat ...continued




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