This is a huge problem in our society, and the figures show that 20% of us will become clinically depressed at some point in our lives. You feel low, heavy, unmotivated, uninterested in life, isolated and despairing. Your future looks so bleak if you can bear to think of it at all. Your mind may be filled with negative thoughts about how bad, worthless or useless you are, and about how people just don’t care. Everything seems so difficult to do and you simply want to give up, and sometimes you do!


Low confidence and esteem:

You wish you could feel better about yourself. You wish people could like you a little more. If you just had a little more confidence then you could do that one thing, or speak to that person, or you could make a difference in your work.


You want to be nice to people and you want them to like you, but it always ends up being a doormat and people walking all over you. This makes you feel bad and unliked so you had better try to be even nicer. But could you stand up and say what you secretly think and then what would people do? mock you? Ignore you? Belittle you?


Generalised anxiety:

You are beset by worry, fearing the infinite range of possibilities that may go wrong, or disasters that may occur. You feel constant background nervousness and a sense of foreboding for no particular reason other than bad things happen and probably will, to you or your loved ones.



Social anxiety:

You absolutely dread going on that works do and will do absolutely anything to get out of it. It is as if you are standing alone on a big stage and all the spot-lights are on you, and everyone is looking at you and thinking....If you can’t get out of it then it is a huge ordeal and so you had better watch what you say and maybe even practice it first. Even better, try and blend with the wall paper and then no-one will notice you. But is it working?

If you strongly identify with any of the following illustrations then psychological therapy may benefit you







Panic Disorder:

Completely out of the blue you are hit with pounding heart, dizziness, shaking, sweating, maybe chest pains; you will collapse and cause commotion; you’re having a heart attack; you’ll die this time!...Got to get away to somewhere safe – quick, before it’s too late!

Specific phobia:

You get by day-to-day, but you are on the constant look out for that thing you are afraid of that may leap out and get you at any moment. It may be about wasps, birds, spiders, supermarkets or absolutely anything, but it is ruining the quality of your life.


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